Strip clubs in Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. And many guys visiting this vibrant city, want to spice up their trip by visiting a strip clubs Barcelona. But the dangers are many, and tourists get ripped off daily. How do you stay safe and enjoy Barcelona’s clubs at the same time?

Nightlife in Barcelona

The first thing you should know is that Barcelona is full of nightclubs, and more piquant strip clubs. It is an entirely natural part of the culture of this Mediterranean city that just loves to party and be a little naughty. It’s as if the mild, salty breeze from the ocean, and the comfortable, but dense heat, naturally does something to mellow people up. Barcelona is a fun loving city, that’s for sure, and most locals visit strip clubs on occasion, although a significant part of the clubs mostly caters to tourists.

Big but doable

You’ll find nightclubs spread out over Barcelona, and while the city itself is considered big by European standards, it is relatively easy to get around if you just take a few precautions. The subway, or metro, is efficient, and anyone wanting to get around Barcelona will find this an option to consider. But you could face a walk in shady surroundings if you want to get to certain clubs at night, so with this in mind, you should consider driving to your destination. Which brings us to taxis. Taxis are safe, but once a dishonest taxi driver understands that he’s dealing with possible targets, he or she could take you for the proverbial ride. And there are many, possible scams.

Taxi scams

One of the more innocent scams is simply taking a detour so that the fare will be too high. But seeing as the taxi drivers know the city like the back of their hands, they will understand that you’re going to a strip club even if you just give them the address. Most strip clubs offer a commission to taxi drivers, so the driver will most likely offer you to take you to another strip club than the one you wanted to go to. Don’t fall for this, as this other club may be an outright scam. Worse, the taxi driver may be too lazy even to try to get a commission, and could call up a few buddies to stage a sudden robbery of the car.

Unfair pricing

But your possible problems do not end there. Because even if you manage to get to the club safely, you could experience that the club owners themselves will try to scam you. There are so many possible scams, that it is too much even to consider writing about in a simple article like this. But inflated prices are common. Prices are higher in a strip club, and the fancier the club, the higher the prices tend to be. But there are limits. Ask about entrance fees before you enter. And ask about drink prices before you buy your drinks. Some clubs will include a few drinks with your entry fee, just to get you started. But you may be surprised to see that the three beers you ordered on top of the two free ones, set you back for an extortionate amount. Always ask about prices beforehand.


Some clubs are safe, but other will simply try to get your pin code to make a cloned copy of your card. Do not let anyone take your card away from you, as this is a sure sign that something is about to get hairy. Of course, these clubs should be avoided in the first place, so the best thing to do, bar none, is to get someone who knows the city to take you around. Preferably someone who knows the clubs and their owners as well.

Get discounts

Even though there are dangers, remember that if you take your precautions, you should be set up for a great night out. If you have the right connection, you may even get discounts. The competition between strip clubs is fierce, and there are many vouchers for drinks, entrance fee discount, etc. The best thing to do is to find a local person that is in the know.


Which brings us to the last item of the article. And it has to do with guides. Considering the dangers we have mentioned, and the many dodgy operations that are in Barcelona, you should consider hiring a guide. He or she will arrange the whole night for you. They will pick you up at your hotel, drop you off at a safe nightclub, make sure you pay normal prices and possibly even give you discounts or vouchers. There are many guides offering these services, so do your research, stay safe and have fun!

Strip Club Barcelona

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